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Modular Water Tank

Prismatic Modular Water Tank; Healthy and stainless water tank produced in modular parts using different materials, especially stainless steel.

Hydrophore Pump

Hydrophores are pump systems that are activated in cases where mains water pressure is not sufficient and are used to increase the pressure of water.

Service and Installation

Our experienced sales team will guide you in the right selection of pumps and materials. Pump information for the need will be examined in detail and incorrect pump selection will be avoided.



Professional solutions for your Industrial and Drinking Water projects.

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Modular Water Tank

The biggest feature of modular storage is that it is more economical for both the manufacturer and the user than the old-type warehouses.

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Fire Extinguishing Systems

Products that provide fire extinguishing and safety in accordance with international norms.

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Pump groups that Optimize Efficiency. Centrifuge Pumps, Submersible Pump, etc.

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Water Tank Cleaning

It will prevent microorganisms that may be in the water waiting for a long time and provide hygiene protection.

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Service, Maintenance and Repair

We give you our various workshops and competent maintenance and service offices in different regions of Turkey.

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